Portale: A Symphonic Poem

In Celebration of the Opening of The Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport

In dedication of the new Tom Bradley International Terminal, the Hollywood Scoring Orchestra will perform, Portale – A Symphonic Poem, a specially created international symphonic overture, commissioned by Westfield.  Interplaying with a moving visual collage to create modern-media Performance Art, the symphony’s composition will exemplify the magnitude and grandeur of the new terminal’s architecture, echoing in the depths of the arched ceilings and building on the excitement and motion of the piece.  The symphony stage will be anchored below the soaring sixty foot tall Clock Tower, which is a centerpiece in the new terminal, ascending toward the dramatic vaulted ceilings.

Meaning “city gate,” Portale attempts to take the listener through Los Angeles’ journey, by highlighting the origin of its natural beauty and the Pacific Ocean and continuing on to tell the story of the city as a melting pot for “citizens of the world,” whose ingenuity and innovation underscores the genius and creativity rooted in the city’s people.

The 50-piece orchestra will feature multi-ethnic percussion, children’s choir, and world-renowned soloists, including Karen Han and Stefano Saccon. This exclusive, private symphonic performance will be a once-in-a-lifetime musical art experience for guests, as the terminal will live as a massive public space, hosting thousands of international passengers daily.

In addition to Portale, the musical creations of composers Laurie Robinson and Emmanuel Fratianni have been performed by the world’s leading orchestras including National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center, London Philharmonic Orchestra at Royal Festival Hall, The Los Angeles Philharmonic, and the Hollywood Bowl Orchestra.

Building on this stunning piece will be acclaimed music producer and songwriter, David Foster.  Foster, who has worked with superstars like Barbra Streisand, Celine Dion, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Josh Groban, will perform with special guests in celebration of this new gateway to the world.


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